Improve the Quality of your Property with Mobile Patrol in 2022

How to Improve the Quality of your Property with Mobile Patrol in 2022

As we head into the new year and are thinking about how to improve the quality of your property, we thought to share how mobile patrol would be a beneficial choice to deter crime. When a person thinks about hiring security the most common picture that comes into mind may be a car or club car with yellow lights, and a guard with a yellow vest. But there are different types of security, and often properties struggle to decide what is best for their property. A stationary guard, which is what we often think of, is not the only form of security out there. Although, at times it can be a great asset when it comes to high traffic flow or crowd control for events. When looking at multi-family or single-family properties and private properties, a stationary guard may be more expensive than beneficial. Before we talk about how to improve the quality of your property with mobile patrol, let’s review the benefits of mobile patrol. 



  • Cost effective
  • Quality training 
  • Trained to be attentive and quick
  • Stronger presence on property
  • Keep criminals guessing
  • Cover more properties 
  • Less opportunities for distractions  

As a business, we all have a budget that gives a balance of what we spend to profit. A mobile patrol is a cost-effective choice that can more at times deter crime than any other kind of service. Why? It leads us to another point. A mobile patrol officer is trained to constantly be on the move, think on their feet, and keep their eyes constantly observing their surroundings. They are trained to stay focus and attentive to anything out of the ordinary. You can be paying as little as $800 a month, 7 days a week, less than what you would be spending with a stationary guard, that is paid above $35 hourly rate. There are some properties that may want to have an officer patrolling their area a little longer. With mobile patrol you can choose certain services that put the officer in your property for approximately an hour, at the peak hours of crime time, for a monthly charge. Having an officer coming in and out of property at random times, keeps the officer attentive, which allows them to have a stronger presence, and keeps criminals guessing when they are coming. If you have multiple properties, a mobile patrol officer could provide service for all your properties, and of course for a lesser price. 

While other forms of security such as the stationary guards we mentioned before, cameras, and even off duty police officers, are great. They can leave holes when it comes to deterring crime, due to their limitations of movement and slow arrival time. Sadly, as the night grows quiet, and not much is going on, there has been incidents where stationary guards fall asleep. Having the same officer on a property causes familiarity which can lead to losing credibility. Mobile patrol officers have multiple areas to cover in a property during their patrols, and have less of an opportunity to make friends, fall asleep, or get distracted. They are trained to constantly be recording their reports of what they see, observing for any type of disruption, and recording lighting reports. Each patrol they make, they are checking the designated areas of the property, empty storage units, apartment units, open garages, and anything they are required to report to the owner or manager. 



  • Discuss what you are looking for with our representatives
  • Explore all options and tailor it to your needs
  • Don’t forget our calling service! USE IT! 
  • Add your staff to our daily reports for communication
  • Take advantage of our Crime Watch meetings

So how can you improve the quality of your property and have a better chance to deter crime with mobile patrol this year? Patrol companies should have different levels of services with mobile patrol. One of the things here at Heartland that we encourage is to sit down with our representatives and discuss what you are looking for, any specific needs, and expectations. Many properties can be disappointed because they choose the minimum with the expectation of a 24-hour service. Sitting down with a representative, allows you to make better choices in tailoring a service that will fit your property, and budget. Our company has forty years of experience behind them, and we can help our clients by giving knowledgeable advice. Remembering, we can do as little or as much as you like.  

As we head into the new year 2022, Heartland encourages our current and future clients to take advantage of our calling service to improve the quality of their properties. If you live in big cities like Dallas, you may not always get an immediate response from the police, due to the overwhelming demand and prioritizing calling system. Having our unlimited 24 hours call service, allows you to have an officer on site within less than 20 minutes on your property. They can be the representative of your property and assist your residents and office staff needs. Now, if you are in an area that has less activity, our service can be an amenity. If your property is a residential property, your residents often are more comfortable calling our officers than the police. There are calls such as loud music, that a resident would feel more comfortable calling us, and letting us attend the situation rather than the police or even the management staff.  This takes a load off of management during off hours. 

Having mobile patrol service as an amenity for a residential area, is a great way to help residents and staff go home with a peace of mind. One of the things we encourage you to discuss with our representatives is about the daily activity reports we send out. Keeping up with our reports allows the manager or owner, and staff be aware of what is going on at night and even during the day. We report anything out of the ordinary, even as little as a garage door halfway open or a car window halfway down. Often, what can hurt the quality of a property are cosmetic issues. Here at Heartland, we report cosmetic issues and liability issues. When preparing your account, we encourage you to have a few of your trusted team members be part of the email we send out every day. That way you are sure everyone is being communicated and aware of what is going on in your property. 

Heartland is proud to have been part of pioneering Crime Watch meetings in the Dallas area. We believe that working together with our clients can make a difference for their property. Each Crime Watch meeting looks a little different depending on if it’s a commercial or residential property, but the results are the same. They allow space for discussing what is going on, on the property, which produces solutions, based on valid safety information they receive from our officers. We go over basic to in depth safety tips that a resident or client can use to deter crime. Our Crime Watch meetings also help our clients, their staff members, and residents build trust with our officers.  Let this year be a year the quality of your property increases by allowing our Mobile Patrol service really to do what it was made to do for your property. Here at Heartland, we are always looking for ways to grow, and build a better relationship with our clients and future clients. After all, we are in the service business.

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