We Stand Together: Maggie Guerrero

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson

Here at Heartland, we understand that in order to see our company succeed, there needs to be a group of individuals who are after the same vision, and with their own talents and hard work, together we can see this vision become a reality. We know that together we can see Heartland be the service our clients need. Our company could not grow without our office staff, they are one of our main pillars in our company that keep this company standing.

Today we want to present you our office manager, Maggie Guerrero, who has been with us since 2010.
What we can say about Maggie is that she is a fighter, that does everything with her whole heart. Raised by a military father, and a hard-working mother, they instilled the principle of never giving up and being the best, you can be regardless of your circumstances. As a single mother from her early age, she had to overcome many challenges. Raising four children on her own is not an easy task, but today you can see her children are something she adores to talk about with gladness in her eyes. She is proud of what they have become.

When Maggie started working for us in 2010, she started as a nighttime dispatcher and within a few years moved up to our front office daytime dispatcher. In the last 12 years Maggie has proven to be more than a fighter, not just by her outstanding work ethic, and her team effort, but by the health challenges she has faced. In June of 2012, she found out she had oral cancer that had spread 25% in her tongue. By the time they scheduled her surgery two months later in August, the cancer had spread up to 75%. Thankfully, it was a success and she only had to do radiation treatment afterwards. A couple of years later she took over our administration department as manager. In 2017, she had two mini strokes, that were caused by a tumor that had grown up to 25 pounds in her stomach. Thankfully, it was non – cancerous. It wouldn’t be until a few years later, the cancer she overcame in 2012, came back again in 2020. This time in her jaw. Once again Maggie overcame cancer. The doctors were able to take a bone from her leg and reconstruct her jaw with no chemotherapy.

We are inspired by Maggie, that after many life challenges came her way, she shows up to work with this drive that is presented by a smile. That drive is fueled by the people she loves. First her children that in the middle of sickness, not only stood by her side, but became her primary care takers. Her family is everything, and she thanks her parents who instilled that drive in her.

But we were honored that she considered us family as well.

“I saw how Heartland was there for me each time. Anything I needed they were there for me. I owe a lot to this company. If they weren’t there, I don’t think I could have survived. What I’m most touched by Heartland is that they didn’t just replace me. They stood by my side. No matter what happens they care for me. They are family to me.”

We are honored to have Maggie, not only honored to have her for what she does, but for who she is. We believe in valuing people and putting their needs first. A company’s success is driven by the individuals who make our success happen every day. Yet, life happens, and it is important to stand with them as they stand with us.

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